Talking Tom Cat: The Best Virtual Pet

Have you ever wanted to have a pet cat, but couldn’t because of health reasons or other unfortunate circumstances? Worry not! From Outfit7 Limited comes Talking Tom Cat – the virtual pet that you can take home and play on your PC! He is one of the most popular virtual cats that you can play with, and with his funny personality, Tom will surely warm up to you in no time, so long as you can put up with his shenanigans.


Take Care of Tom

Like any other pet, Tom needs to be looked after and will often look for various stimuli to keep himself happy. However, since Tom is a virtual pet, you can talk to him and actually can talk back to you! He is also not a fussy eater – you can feed him whatever food you have, from conventional cat food to watermelons, ice cream, and even peppers. Just watch out when you have him eat too much – he might pass gas without warning!

Just like a normal cat, you can stroke Tom’s head, ears, and body. The more times you stroke him, the more likely it is for him to purr at you. You can also poke his head until he falls and stars suddenly circles his head! What’s more – you can record Tom talking in his funny voice and send it to your friends for a good laugh!


Feed Him for Laughs

Tom oozes with personality, but he loves nothing more than to eat. As such, you have the option to let him eat food items as well as other stuff. He likes to chow down on subway sandwiches and popsicles, but he is not one to shy away from eating bell peppers and even birthday cakes even if it’s not his birthday! If you want to get back at Tom for his insatiable appetite, you can feed him bell peppers to see him run off-screen trying to look for water! Or if you present him with a birthday cake, you could shove it in his face to teach him that he shouldn’t eat someone else’s cake! For even more laughs, you can have him drink a bottle of soapy water – this will make him burp uncontrollably and have bubbles come out of him!


Fall in Love with Tom

Having a feline companion might be hard for some since cats are notoriously aloof, elusive, and often standoffish. Fortunately, Tom is not like most cats – he is always looking for you and wants nothing more but to have your attention. The more time you play with him, the more you’ll realize that despite his random farting and occasional screen-scratching, Tom is an affectionate little cat who is always there for you whenever you need to be cheered up. Just feed him a watermelon and try not to laugh as he swallows the whole thing down and spits the seeds like a machine gun all over the screen!

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