Pooking Billiards City: Set ‘Em and Sink ‘Em

Do you think your 8-ball skills are up to besting the different challenging setups in any billiard game? Then prove your abilities by playing Pooking Billiards City! Created by MOUNTAIN GAME, you are whisked into an exciting world where your goal is to beat the various opponents in a competitive game of 8-ball. The more challenges you conquer, the more city bars will open that is also full of even more challenges to further test your skill in billiards! What are you waiting for? Grab your trusty cue stick and take the challenge to become the Master of 8-Ball!


Awesome Graphics

Pooking Billiards City utilizes realistic ball physics that makes each billiard ball authentically interact with one another. For example, if you hit the cue ball slightly on the side and use a softer strike, you will see the cue ball behave accordingly – it will spin and similarly hit the other billiard balls as they would if you did the same shot in real life. Alternatively, if you try to hit the cue ball square in the middle at full force, the balls will surely scatter around the table. This level of authenticity makes it more immersive and challenging since it’s as if you’re actually in the bar and lining up your shot to hit your assigned ball as best as you can.


Fun Spin on the 8-Ball Format

In terms of game modes, you have the arcade mode sets you to complete various challenges. The early levels let you try to sink the assigned balls in as little moves as possible. Once you complete this, you get to advance to the next level. The higher levels you reach, the more challenging they become. On some levels, the billiard table is altered into various shapes – it is up to you to navigate through the different iterations of the billiard tables to hit the balls in the correct order and at the right angles so that you can complete the stage.

That said, the Arcade Mode is not an easy thing to accomplish – the later levels have harder conditions that will test how well you can angle your shot. For instance, some levels require you to sink a ball in a pocket that is more inconvenient, or you might need to land a combo by sinking consecutive balls with one strike. Such added variety keeps you on your toes and not to be too lax when trying to complete any challenge.


Upgrade your Trusty Pool Cue

As you complete levels, you are rewarded with different pool cues on your way to unlocking more clubs and bars. The different pool cues do not offer any particular buffs to your game – if you’re starting to feel like your trusty pool cue’s look is getting stale, you can mix it up with the other pool cue designs. With such awesome features, the only thing missing is your will to do your best and beat every bar and club to become the Master 8-ball Billiards player in town!

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