Kiloblocks Lite: Build Your Dream Structures

Do you want to design the perfect space you can call your own? Then you should play Kiloblocks Lite! Created by Andrzej Chomiak, this building game simulator allows you to construct different types of structures, from a quaint house to a mammoth skyscraper, while keeping a simple yet textured blocky design. You can spend hours figuring out which terrain works best for the dwelling you’re planning on erecting, as well as what kind of furniture should be placed inside or outside your property.


Detailed Textures

The one thing that immediately stands out once you play Kiloblocks Lite is how the texture of the different terrain and areas look both smooth and detailed at the same time. It strikes a nice balance between cartoony and stylish. This makes looking the right spot for your ideal home quite a happy chore – some areas look so pristine that you would not want to tarnish it by placing the foundations of your soon-to-be home there.


Outdoor Landscaping

As you begin plotting out where you will place your home, you have the option to place different landscaping choices to further add character to your area. For example, you can place different kinds of flowers and shrubs near your home’s outer walls or create a nice garden that has various cobblestone blocks that line together with your choice of plants to make your outer area look more majestic.

You can also plant flowers on different terrain – if you feel like having daisies near the shoreline, you can do so. Or if you fancy having an indoor garden to wow your guests when they walk into your home, all you have to do is make room for it, and you can place as many types of foliage as you want.


Versatile Terrain Selector

Speaking of terrain, the terrain selector has a nifty aspect to it – it gives you options for particular textures to be halved. This makes for a deeper building element since you can determine how each nook, cranny, and corner of your home would look like. Furthermore, if you’re planning on decking your roof with a cool design, you can do so thanks to this feature. Instead of blocky and drab-looking houses, you can create contoured spaces that when applied correctly, makes it look rounder.


Creation Takes Center Stage

Unlike other building games, Kiloblocks Lite focuses on creating living spaces. There are no animals or any kind of battling or hazards you can encounter in this game – it’s just you and your imagination. While you can dive into the water, you won’t need to surface for air or anything. Just build that underwater palace you’ve always wanted and seen the results after you’ve placed the last brick to cap off your masterpiece.

If you want to play a building game that focuses on the actual building aspect and no other filler mechanics like watching out for hazards and other typical game elements, then Kiloblocks is the game for you.

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