Kick the Buddy: Release Your Pent Up Stress

Have you ever wanted to play a game where you can blow something up or release all your stress on a hapless thing so that you would satisfy your rage? Then Kick the Buddy is just the game for you!

Created by Playgendary, Kick the Buddy is an interactive action game that helps you let out your frustrations on Buddy, a sack-and-twine character. Buddy can represent any person or thing that greatly irks and annoy you, and you have full clearance to bludgeon, maim, shoot, and hurt him in as many ways as you can!


Unlock the Armory

The main objective of the game is to hit Buddy as with any weapon of your choice. The more times you hit Buddy, the more in-game money you acquire, and when you manage to inflict significant damage on him, the round will end, and you will get even more money on top of unlocking more weapons in your inventory.

There are a wide variety of weapons that you can use to hit Buddy – there are the conventional firearms such as handguns, shotgun, and rifles, high-grade weaponry like bazooka launchers, machine guns, as well as explosives such as grenades, packs of C4, and missiles. If you feel like going medieval on Buddy, there are also cold weapons such as swords, axes, hammers, spears, meat cleavers, morning stars, and other sharp and blunt instruments to wallop, slice, and maim Buddy with.

You can also use everyday and not-so-everyday objects to throw at Buddy – from colored spiky bouncy balls, wooden blocks, toasters, refrigerators, blenders, old-school TV sets, insecticides, cheese graters, and sixteen-ton anvils. Ever feel like pelting your rival or source of annoyance with food? You can do so in this game! Toss piping hot pies, tomatoes, watermelons, and other food items.


Exotic, Supernatural, and Deadly Weapons

If you want to up the ante and torture Buddy, you can use bio-weapons and creatures and see how he gets tossed like a rag doll all across the map. Bombard him with acid and other noxious chemicals and watch him writhe and twitch! You can also summon ferocious beasts such as lions, sharks, and dragons to bite, rip, and tear Buddy into pieces if it pleases you.

As you get more money, you can purchase natural and supernatural powers to help you lay waste on Buddy. Summon a powerful tornado, fire bolts of lightning and fireballs at him, drown him with a sudden flood, or smother him with deadly plumes of smoke or watch him tremble and get slammed around by a fierce earthquake!


Blood Option

Utilize all the weapons at your disposal to earn more money which you can, in turn, spend on unlocking, even more, means to torture the ragdoll Buddy! As you get more instruments of torture, you can also toggle the Blood Option. When this option is turned on, whenever you hit or smack Buddy around, you get to see his face and other extremities get beat up and bloody. However, if you’re squeamish, it is best to leave the Blood Option off.

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