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Get ready to play Where’s My Water 2 – the sequel to the fun and popular water-physics puzzle game, Where’s My Water! Catch up with Allie, Swampy, and Cranky as they continue looking for water they can use for their daily activities.


Welcome to the Gator Universe

Where’s My Water 2 introduces you to the Gator Universe where Swampy, Allie, and Cranky and their friends reside. You get to see new areas such as the Sewers, the Beach, and the Soap Factory, on top of the familiar levels from the previous game. All these new areas are part of the over one hundred new levels – each of them add new obstacles and elements that you need to navigate so that the water would reach your scaly friends.

The water-physics return and are again the crucial part of the puzzle-solving mechanic for Where’s My Water 2. Similar to the first game, you are tasked to clear the soft soil to help guide the water towards the pipe where Swampy, Allie, or Cranky are. In later levels, new elements are introduced to add more eureka moments when you manage to figure out how to use them to your advantage.

Speaking of new mechanics, Swampy, Allie, and Cranky have specific abilities that you need to take note of as you guide the water to them! For instance, Swampy can reject unclean water and is constantly looking for rubber duckies; Allie needs to have all the musical notes taken down first before the water gets to her, and Cranky likes his water to be oozy and purple so that he can clean off the dirt on his food and plate.


New Maps, New Challenges

Your scaly friends have specific challenges that you need to accomplish to get different rewards. The maps corresponding to the different challenges offer a unique blend of strategy and foresight – in Allie’s challenges, for example, you need to get familiar with how the steam works to get the musical notes scattered around the map. Likewise, for Cranky, some maps in his challenges have danger zones that you should avoid when you’re clearing the path for the purple water. These new additions keep the puzzles fresh and give more room for players to be more creative in solving Swampy, Allie, and Cranky’s water problems.

Moreover, players now have access to more powerful boosts such as faster Tri-Ducking, Vacuum, Dropper, and Absorber. Knowing when to use these boosts is essential and often means the difference between completing the level or restarting it all together!


Collect the Duckies

As you complete more puzzles and progress through the levels, you get a chance to get special rubber duckies. These rubber duckies are wearing different clothes, and they can be traded for regular rubber duckies. Doing so increases your collection of special rubber duckies that would make Swampy extremely happy!

So what are you waiting for? Have your digging equipment and your puzzle-solving skills ready to help your scaly friends get their water!

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